What maintenance is required for a two year lease?

Oil change yearly? What else?

Any free maintenance?

All depends on the brand you buy. Some have free maintenance, some don’t. Just follow what the owner manual says to do. Should just be oil change and tire rotations for 2 years for 99% of vehicles.

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It depends on how much you drive. If you do 10k/yr it shouldn’t be more than an oil change and you don’t even have to do it at the dealer even though they recommend it.

What I typically do for oil changes, look at all the local dealership websites of the car i’m driving (Honda for example), one of them will have an “oil change special”. Typically all the dealers will price match that type of service as long as it’s a local competitor so i just bring a print out of the offer to the dealership closest to me and have them match it. That way you get a deal and not have to go to pep boys or similar non-dealership oil places. In case anything goes wrong at least it was done at a dealership and not third party oil place and they’re responsible.

Also, I have noticed that whenever i have a lease where maintenance is included, the intervals when they require an oil change is a lot longer than when you have to pay it. On a previous car which had free maintenance, it didn’t require me to do my first oil change until 18k miles. On another car where it wasn’t free and they ask the customer to pay for maintenance, they basically want one every 5k miles because it’s in their best interest and they don’t care because you’re paying. Just keep that in mind.


Great and helpful!

My lease is 2017 Chevy Equinox

Thank you @adamcar @305Hackr