What kind of car/truck should I go for?

I’m in San Diego. We have an i3 lease expiring soon. We would like to get something larger that will be good for transporting our kids and gear. But we don’t really care what it is that much. It just should be a decent rig with some space. I’d like to maximize tax credits, incentives, costco $, whatever else. What do you suggest I go for?

To get an answer worth reading you will need to give more criteria. I know your flexible on vehicle but there are many options that meet your general criteria. Give us something to go on like budget, and the general type of vehicle you are interested in.

I3? As in Electric? Chevy Bolt 8k one pay!

Thank you!

Transporting how many kids and what ages? Very important consideration.

Cheap family hauler

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Thought for sure you were linking the Camaro haha.

@emaij going from an i3 to just about anything else will be a big step up in size. Even to a bolt as suggested. That said, can you give us some idea of how much space you think you need and the budget you’re working with? Do you need three rows?


I’m looking for a car do you have anything avado you have anything with a one pay available right now in soCal?

My boys are 8 and 12. Gear would include bikes. 4 of them. And/or beach gear. I think it has to be SUV or pickup. My preference is to lease something, if I can line up incentives.

Well. An easy and inexpensive choice since you’re in SoCal would likely be a Toyota Tacoma if @Cody_Carter has any. That Traverse that Ethan posted is also compelling for the money.

Lots of options - all about what features you want and the price point you’re trying to hit monthly.

Why not a Tundra? Those things are very spacious. Always wanted one, driveway is not large enough.

Gas is expensive in CA. $2.75ish in San Diego for regular at Costco gas. Once you go electric, its hard to go back in CA.

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I’d also check out a Highlander Hybrid from @Cody_Carter. Three-row family hauler rated at 36 MPG combined in the mid-$300s.

On the BEV front, Kia Niro EV leases well, and it’s slightly roomier than a Bolt EV, but probably not big enough to fit four bikes inside.

Audi Q5e PHEV is a nice premium option, and does 20 miles all-electric, but probably not big enough to fit four bikes either. Good leases now as well.

Chevy Traverse is a good option if you want the absolute cheapest big three-row SUV out there. Not electrified in any way though.


+1 on Highlander Hybrid

We picked one up for our three children.

Looking more for a sedan, would love to do a one pay of under 10k.

@Ari_Praw OK, so average cost of $277/month or less over 36 months. There should be tons of options on the Marketplace. Have you tried using the “Find A Deal” menu?

No. I will go look for that.

This is great. Will investigate.