What is with the latest residuals on the Stelvio?!?

Over the Spring and early Summer, folks were posting residuals on 2018 Stelvios at around 50%-60% depending on trim level. I’m trying to lease one now, and the dealers are calculating a 40% residual. Does the new model year that are about to hit dealers in a few months affect it that much? This lower residual is killing my lease payment negotiations.

A big portion of leasing is predicting what the car would be worth 3 years from now to help determine the lease payment. The car is 1 model year older than the 19s so worth less theoretically now even though both have 0 miles. Some captives will prop up the residuals artificially to lease them and get rid of them, with the risk they will lose that money on the back end when it’s time to resell. Some won’t use this strategy and instead push for a retail finance sale to mitigate their losses.

Short answer…it most definitely can affect RV the bank offers when a new model arrives.

You wanna do a 24/12 lease through ally. 60% resid, .22-.44% mf depending on model. If you’re anywhere near Erie pa hit up Justin at Alfa of Waterford. Even if you have to pay $500 to ship it he’ll get you an amazing deal

Have to agree, incentives and Ally rates right now are great - and dealers love using Ally it seems.