What is the cheapest 4 door lease in Dallas area now?

Hi there, I need to lease a 4 door sedan w/ automatic in Dallas Tx
I have great credit over 800.
I can put $2,000 down to make the monthly payments lower.

I dont care what brand or anything. I take the bus now so anything is fine.
I dont care if its a Corolla, Cruze, Jetta, Civic, Elantra, Kia, Camry, Mazda, 2016 or 2017 etc etc. Just has to be 4 door and cheap.

Its only me, no family, so small is fine. I like small cars for less gas, I’d rather drive a Corolla than a Camry, but Ill take whatever is cheapest.

I just need to get from point A to point B cheaply & reliably the next 2-3 years. Im not a “car person” so don’t care about features.

Thank you kindly for any help.

Why do you even need a 4 door. Fiat 500 would do lol!

Chrysler products like 200 or Jeep Patriot would work well since they have 1k edmunds certificate.

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Check out the 2016 Corolla LE. Toyota has an offer for a 2016 Corolla for $179/mo, $999 +TTL due at signing.

Volkswagen has an offer for a 2017 Jetta S for $179/mo, $1999 +TTL due at signing. (2017 is $10/mo less than the 2016 for some reason).

With some negotiating, it should be doable to get $179/mo with zero drive-off on either of those.

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I really like 4 doors because I’ll be moving in a few months and having back doors that open will be so much easier for boxes than 2 door coupes. Also I love to open the back doors for groceries, etc.
Also I dont really like the look of hatchbacks.

I just checked out 2016 CHRYSLER 200 TOURING lease and its $229 PER MONTH
For 48 months with $2,999 due at signing.
That seems a little high for me, I think I could get a corolla cheaper.

Honda Accord Sport is like $250/month with 0 drive off
Nice car, drives nice looks good. Also if you dont drive alot, let say you end your 3 year lease with likw 26k miles, youll make 1K profit at the end if you take it to carmax.

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Thanks all. I just added that I can put $2,000/down if that makes the monthly payments lower.

Id love to put $2,000/down and pay $150 month. It looks like jmac63’s Corolla suggestion closely fits that amount.

What a great suggestion. I never thought to take it to Carmax when I’m done for extra cash at the end. I love that idea wow thank you. :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

Rarely happens, we just turned in my grandpa Accord that had 24k miles after 3 years and it came out to be 1k more than the buyout.

I just got the CMAX Energi 2016, fully loaded for 254/mo 0 down for 36mo/12k mi per year with all acq fees, taxes and dealer doc fee + License rolled in
Bob Tomes Ford, McKinney

Jesus Alvarez

What’s wrong with this?

The idea is for you to negotiate lower though. Putting money down on a lease is not recommended because you lose that money if you total the vehicle.

Definitely try to keep or lower the monthly while also paying no down payment and as few drive-off fees as possible. The Corolla is already fairly cheap and VW dealers are open to heavy discounting right now.

This shows a 1000$ finance bonus plus no TTL rolled in. This is Tax upfront state
Put together we are looking at 239/mo according to the calculator