What is the best lease deal on an SUV these days?

Are there any great deals to be had, particularly given that it is memorial day?

My preference is 2 years, 12K/yr. Looking at Grand Cherokee, Durango, XC60, and the likes but haven’t found anything worthwhile.

As I’ve said about 15 times now on here, Memorial Day sales aren’t special. They’re just like any other month’s sales rebranded as memorial day sales. Marketing really worked it’s magic on Americans apparently


Also, probably not a good idea to post the day of looking for deals. Give yourself some more time to research and read through some posts next time.

And like BoardWalk said, dealers are going to be so busy this weekend, they won’t be giving out crazy deals.

Qx60 is probably the best “deal” compared to MSRP in the SUV space for the last few months. Provided you are interested in a 3 row and a 39 month lease.

My apologies. I was unaware that this was the case. Yes, that is how marketing works, so they’re doing their job right which is unfortunate for those not in marketing.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

I spent the day yesterday doing research and reading the board and didn’t find anything that caught my eye which is why I asked.

Month end is usually a good time so you have until 5/31 (or sometimes until the first Tuesday of the next month)