What is the best entry level luxury cars to lease in SoCal?

This is my first post. Hope I’m doing this right.

Just like the title says.
I am in the LA area. My lease on my 328i is coming to a close and I wanted to get an insight on which cars to lease (with the best lease deals going on).

Some of the cars I have been looking at are:
BMW i3 Rex
Infiniti Q50
Lexus 200t
MB C300/CLA250
Hyundai Genesis

or anything along those classification and price.
Which Brand or model should I be looking at to get the cheapest possible lease?

i3 should by far be the easiest deal to get…With the Genesis I had great difficulty with; it would seem the dealers who were willing to liquidate their Genesis’s have already done so…Also a lot of the Genesis ultra low pricing required dealers using their limited $500 certificates…

Land Rover Evoque 299/month, 3495 down

Where is that evoque deal available? I thought Land Rover doesn’t work well with leases

Land rover sudbury and Land Rover Smithfield (MA and RI respectively)

Cali seems a little more
2016 Range Rover Evoque SE Premium - Lease for $349
Lease for $349 per month + tax
Or $449/mo with $999 Total Down
Location: Los Angeles
Call: 310-432-5900
See Details