What is the best deal for honda civic touring


I’m looking to lease a new 2016 HONDA CIVIC Touring.
i was wondering what are the best numbers to negotiate with the dealer! I’m located in Orange county.
24/10k or 36/10k
I’m open to CIVIC SEDAN OR COUPE and have an excellent credit score!

Thank you very much gentlemen!

Someone get selling price of $24050 from Hardin Honda at the end of June. I also got my Civic EX from them for $220 15k/36month. You may try them

Can you share the msrp and selling price on the touring you got from hardin so we can try and duplicate.

Sorry I mean the price and exact term of your ex.


At this price you’re better off getting the ILX with the $1750 voucher from edmunds!

Selling price is $19000, the term is 15k/36month. Driving off is $571

Thanks for the replies. I have one more question. Is this the EX-T or EX-L?

Thanks again

How much is the ilx with that voucher?

EX, not EX-L or EX-T


that is the ILX with $4k down but with the $1750 voucher and $500 graduate cash it will be only $1750 down. You could probably negotiate upto another $1750 off that price too.