What is a good LeaseHackr Score?

What is a good LeaseHackr leasing score?

Its highly dependent on the manufacturer

8+ is pretty good in my opinion, 10+ is where it starts getting great.

What about Japanese manufacturers? Say Lexus?

so in those higher end cars where MSRP becomes 40k+, you are looking for a leasehackr score above 10 years

Why does this arbitrary number matter to you so much? Do you even know what it’s based on?

Hi Jon, if you would, can you please explain the leaseHackr score for a lease novice. Thanks…Appreciated.

Leasehackr score doesn’t matter to me in my opinion. Too many other factors dictate a good payment… time of year, brand, lease term, money due, etc…

It’s more of a value benchmark based on your monthly payment vs the msrp of the car and how many years it would take to pay it in full. Don’t worry much about it.

I think it’s nice to have some people were getting 20 year lease hackr scores on the Ford Focus electrics back last year I remember so it’s good to see how amazing the deal is at that point…