What is a good discount MSRP on a lease in TX?


I am located in Texas, and I have been reading deals where people are 18% or 20% off MSRP or I see the same in TrueCar when the great price is at 9%+ off MSRP for some models

I have two questions.

  1. Is that % off MSRP includes dealer discount, rebates, and incentives, or is the % off MSRP from a just a dealer discount before rebates.

  2. is it recommended to start negotiating a dealer discount of 15% off MSRP before rebates/incentives are accounted for?

I know many suggest researching first what a fair dealer discount is, but when I contacted several BMW dealers and told them what my price is and what discounts I qualify for, they send me their quotes that were higher from my initial research price, so I thought that starting at 15% will avoid this issue


This is brand and vehicle dependent.

Also, starting excessively high doesn’t generally mean you’re leaving lots of room for negotiation. What it means is your email is going straight in the recycle bin.

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Just curious - How many dealers have you contacted? Sounds like you’ve got a good ways to go…

Save some energy: August BMWs: Orders! M3! X6M - 6.4%; New X5 M50i - 9%; X7 loaner 14%; X3 loaner - 15%; 740i loaners - 21%; cheap 330i reach out to them…

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So Far I reach out about 5 dealers, and I got counteroffers back higher than my initial reasearch

The other question I had is when others say they got a discount of 18% off MSRP, is this a discount including dealer discount and rebates?

Best bet is to hire @IAC if we’re talking about TX and BMW… will save you a ton of time and angst. Good luck!!!

  1. On Truecar, that includes incentives. Truecar is nonsense and you shouldn’t pay any attention to it. When you negotiate, it’s always off the MSRP before rebates. There are pretty much no 18-20% off deals, save for cars like an M8 or a 740 with flagship. Volume bonuses were gone for months, inventory is still low, and it’s not an easy market.

  2. Have you been asking for 15% off on new cars? Whoa; sorry, but especially in Texas, not going to happen. What BMW are you trying to get? You also have to be careful because you can end up not getting a response if you ask numerous dealerships for completely unattainable numbers and then they won’t work with you, unfortunately.


Generally, on this site, we try to talk in terms of pre-incentive discount (although trunk money usually gets included), but it’s hard to say exactly. On a BMW, for example, the only way you’re getting to 18% off pre-incentive is on a high mileage loaner generally.


And generally not now. I’m finding better deals on new than loaners 90% of the time.

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This is my first luxury car, so I was looking at the 228i Grand Coupe to get started.

Definitely not getting 15% off unfortunately. I can find out numbers in Texas, but I’m 100% at 11% off out-of-state and have several.

You’re better off looking at 330i or C300

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