What is a distention charge?

This is a new one - what is a distention charge?

Maybe someone misspelled destination charge ??


lol is that really what it is? I mean it makes sense.

Its the shipping charge from the factory…

To distend means to make bigger - so distention is the dealer’s markup fee


/sarc 2020

I wish they would use a shrinkage fee.

Distention actually means to “bloat”.

At most dealerships, you can expect many attempts to include additional distention charges in your contract.


It’s like a resort fee at the nicer hotels…a way to deceive the consumer into thinking they’re going to pay less than the actual total.

Same reason why restaurants don’t factor in tax/tip into the menu prices (like they do in many foreign countries)…that extra 30% would scare away many people who like to live in delusional land.