What happens to cars that don't sell?

Say I’ve had my eye on a car that I know for certain has been on the lot for nearly 15 months. It’s one of the first 2019’s of this model produced. And it hasn’t sold yet.

At some point, I have to believe incentive dollars dry up on the vehicle. If the dealer doesn’t sell before then, then what? Keep it for the write-off and give it to a family member?

New old stock (ie. last years models or older) then gets sold for what it can get it the marketplace. They (sometimes) compete with used cars on a dealers lot.

Many times the unit will just sit there as the owner/manager doesn’t want to face the fact that it’s worth less than they have it carried on their books for.

Also for what it’s worth, new-old stock cars, even though discounted may not be such a deal unless you keep them for very many years. The discount probably doesn’t reflect the steep(er) depreciation that the unit will have. So when you drive it off the lot it is now worth what a 2 or 3 year old used car is worth. That depreciation hit then will cost you big unless you drive the car until the wheels come off.


Thanks for the insight.

We’re still talking 2019, so while new 2020 models are hitting the lot, it can still be leased as new.

The incentives and MF make the car a better deal this month than it was last month. The residual didn’t drop, which is a bit surprising.

It will still take a motivated sales manager to get me to move on it. I don’t think I’ll bite at under a 14% discount before incentives. I don’t think that happens very frequently, or maybe at all, on Acuras.

Some will hold on to it till they sell it. Others will wholesale at auction and write it down. Depends on the dealer and how they operate.