What happens for the 2017 Bolts

There are hundreds of them out there, no lease money apparently available even though some of them carry $5k or more off of MSRP. Will there be some time, say after July when the 2019 model starts production, that some lease incentives might appear?

If they aren’t leasable now, why would GM introduce leasing for them again? Once lease support is ended, it isn’t reintroduced.


No (202020202020…)

The only thing you’re likely to see are larger discounts for purchase/finance.

Yea, that was what I thought, thanks for the verification. Things is, I don’t want to own it but the price is getting low enough to match the whiesale price on the same model with 7500 miles.

Don’t forget that a new Volt will get you 7500 tax credit and probably more rebates from your state and/or utility company.

What will happen is that the dealers will lose their shirts selling them and next time gm tries to cram them down those dealers throats, they’ll tell them to pound sand.