What exactly is the $1500 Audi Navigation option?

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When I’ve used other brand configurators it gives a detailed description of each item within an option package.

Looking at an Audi and most options are self explanatory, but the $1500 navigation option is confusing to me. It says it includes the MMI and 6 months Audi Connect.

Is the MMI the Audi equivalent to the BMW Live Pro Cockpit? And Audi Connect I can’t imagine anything braiding so good for 6 months that I “need it”

I prefer Waze / CarPlay for navagation. I just want to make sure this ain’t an option I’d regret having.

I purchased an S5 sportback in Dec 2022. As far as I can tell this is just in car Navigation with additional features for the first six months. Even after reading the manual multiple times, I never determined what the additional features were. I think that its uses the Internet and google to enhance searches for destinations. But Navigation still works after the six month trial. If you use your phone for Navigation with Car Play then you don’t need it. I like to use the built-in Navigation rather than car play. Maybe some one else can explain it better to both of us.

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Well I feel less stupid then. Does the display behind your wheel have the full color maps? They seem to show that when I click the option to learn more, but it doesn’t really explain anything.

Hard to believe they’re selling just navigation for $1500 in 2023. I can’t see any scenario where anyone would pay $1500 over just using a phone app, which is likely better….

It does incorporate the navigation into the virtual cockpit (screen in front of the driver). It’s really for those who prefer a built in system rather than using their phones. Most opt to use Apple Car Play or Android Auto.

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Thank you! I felt dumb asking but also if I move forward with the Audi I don’t want to regret passing on something without understanding what it is. Appreciate it Donny.


Anytime! Glad I could help.

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