What do you think about these BMW X3 demo deals? Mmmm...not that excited. Should I pull the trigger?


Hi Guys,
Received these two quotes for X3 demo deals. The first one is a 2020 BMW X3 and the second one a 2019. Both with 7 MSDs. The dealer said he is using .00142 Money Factor, but I just cant replicate it in the calculator. Should I pull the trigger in any of these? I am not very convinced. Do you guys get the same payment or is something fishy? Thanks for your input!

You didn’t give your tax rate or mileage on the demo but seems to work out with base MF. If you are really getting almost 20% off with base MF, that’s a great deal.

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Sorry the first deal which is a 2020 BMW X3 has 2200 miles and the second a 2019 BMW X3 4400 miles. Tax rate is 8%. Thanks