What do you guys think of iPhone Upgrade Program?

So I’m not sure if this will go thru since Verizon internal services are complete and utter shit.

Here’s what I’ll be looking at assuming Verizon reps aren’t lying and/or lied to by their systems to me.

5 iPhone 15 Pro Max, 1 Apple watch, 2 iPad for around $250 bucks a month. 4 lines are on the unlimited plus plan (32 bucks per line) and 1 line on the old get more plan (52 bucks per line). I also get a 500 dollar Costco card. I did have to trade in 5 iPhone 12 pro max in at 1k/phone. Also, I had to pay around 600 bucks in taxes and fees. Discounts include verizon fios and autopay ($20 bucks per line).

Completely agree, especially given their history of being hacked. I used a credit union account that I never use…I just put a few thousand in the account to cover bills in case I forget to pay by credit card prior to the billing date.

I could sell it myself-but I doubt the 13 will fetch that much now that the 15 is coming out next week
I used to sell it to some coworkers previously for the same as apple was offering… just trade it in and be done-it only cost me $449 anyway

Some credit cards give you insurance on phones paid on your card. It’s cheaper for me to give up the auto pay discount than having to buy other insurance.


Do you know what credit card specifically?

List here - https://www.cnbc.com/select/best-credit-cards-for-cell-phone-protection-insurance/


Did anyone get the new iPhone?

My wife and I are on the Apple upgrade program. Got our 15 Pros today.

decided to switch to tmobile and going through costco tomorrow. it might be a month before we actually get the phones but with all the gift cards and high trade in values it’ll be worth it.