What do I have to offer? I feel like my deal is competitive


Right now I have my i4 eDrive40 for lease takeover at $708 before tax which includes a $3000 incentive with 25 months left on the lease, with 10k miles a year remaining. It is a $70k MSRP car with all of the options except laser lights, so DAPP, PAP, MSport, HK Sound, HUD, Vernasca Leather, like all options available.

One of the deals I see right now for a $61k MSRP car has a pre-tax payment of $408 with a $3000 due at signing and a $3150 MSD which is a 12% off MSRP on a 7500 mile per year for 3 years. If the deal has zero out of pocket I’m assuming it is closer to $579 (with $3150 back at the end of the lease) a month.

Would I need to offer something closer to $5k incentive to get it moving? Just trying to get a feel for the market. Thanks in advance!

What are i4s going for on swapalease?

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The issue with a lease takeover is one is assuming the lease of a used car, and to take a used car over a new, you’d likely want it for at or lower than a new one. Plus the lower amount of months left isn’t always an advantage since there are lower term new car leases fairly regularly.

So I’d probably assume you’re going to need to come in under that new car effective price.

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I see 4 variants cheaper than mine at $545-$699 but are all relatively low spec.

Is yours posted on swapalease? That market tends to be less competitive than a lease transfer posted here.


Probably just bad timing tbh.

We’re all bottoming out i4’s to move them right now plus the programs got a hell of a lot nicer in the last few months.

Our own fleet car was only competitive because it included tire and wheel. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Try Swaplease or one of the BMW forums (Bimmerworld?), you might have better success there. As one of the posters said, it’s competitive here and transfers move fast when they are a great price or something uniqueish.

Also, not sure how good Arizona lease market is in general but LH is dominated by Northeast/Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, TX, and CA from my observations. Even the regions are select few states or so.

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Yup, as well as leasetrader - had a couple of interested parties but one bailed and the other needed ventilated seats (I guess they wanted it over the leather)