What discount to expect on last year's model?


  1. In general, how much should I expect dealers to reduce the selling price/monthly payments if it’s a 2016 model because there are just a few days left in 2016?

  2. I’ve pasted below the fine print but am having trouble interpreting the various numbers to understand where they go in the lease calculator.

Thanks very, very much!

I’m looking at the 2016 Prius Three Touring
$30,116 MSRP

I think the first thing you should do is read through all the great info about leasing that this site has. Ignore all the advertised prices and go at it yourself. I’d be surprised to hear there’s any set amount that dealerships would lower prices for 2016s because it’s dependent on the car. I’ve found that some cars end up being more expensive for last years models because they may not have the same incentives.

And as for your “fine print”, $6600 in down payment is absurd. I think the first thing someone on this site told me was that with enough down payment you can lease any car for $100/month. (I’m sure i butchered the crap out of that).

I learned a ton about leasing on this site. If you know what kind of car you want, then ask the experts on here for the MF (money factor) and Residuals and then work on getting the sale price of the car as low as possible.