What are some good alternative SUVs to Acura RDX?

I’ve got the following deal for 2019 Acura RDX base with shawd - $380/month for 36m/7500mi with 2100 DAS (includes NJ tax) MSRP $40295. I like the car but everyone I’ve talked to says thats a lot of money for RDX and there are other luxury cars that can be found for similar price. However, I’ve only found some unicorn loaner deals on LH that beat the RDX deal.
My budget is $400/month + DAS of fees&tax. My requirements are AWD, carplay and remote start. Has anyone been able to find a luxury suv under that?

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That’s not a lot of money for 2019 RDX, but perhaps a little high for only 7500 miles. You can probably get the QX60 with higher msrp, but it does not have car play.

What’s selling price? That’s the best deal I’ve seen on an RDX.

Don’t be afraid to pay more to get what you want, unless you truly don’t care.


Mazda CX-5 GT?

I agree. CX5 is a great car for the price.

Don’t think Mazda CX-5 GT lease well and you may end up getting a better deal with RDX if you shop around. You could try X3 or GLC but I think RDX is nicer than both those

I just got CX-5 GT quote for under $400
Got a RDX Aspec quote around $475

What year was the CX5?

2018 silver

Drive off? MSRP?

That’s not a bad deal, especially for NJ Acura dealer.

Expend your search into PA better Acura deals out there.

Yeah no wonder, the 2019s are a lot higher. Still not a great quote for the 2018 aim for mid 3s.

New rdx is well reviewed and suvs are very popular right now and generally don’t lease well.

The notorious exception is the qx60 but the interior and tech is ancient so there’s a reason it’s so cheap.

The rdx deal doesn’t seem that bad. If that’s the car you want, get it.

Agreed, although just make sure you can live w/ 7500 mi. And that infotainment interface…

I actually like the infotainment, especially the touchpad implementation. To each his own, I guess

RDX zero down and zero drive offs MSRP $47k. The MDX was a better deal with tech package. The Mazda drive off was first month payment.

10k miles is only an extra point, which equates to a little more than $10/month.

Not a big deal if he needs more. 7500 is more than enough for some drivers.

I have CX5 (16) and and just got RDX (w/ Tech) 2 months ago, While both great car I don’t think you can compare them(haven’t seen the new 19’s yet…), the RDX defiantly feels more luxuries and drive much smother… only you can decide if thats worth the price diff for you.
So far the only drawback for the RDX is the fuel economy.

QX60 and VW Atlas work as well in your budget.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio