What about this deal of LEXUS RX350?

Hi guys, I am very glad we have such a wonderful forum to discuss the deal we got.
Here is my case:

Model: 2019 RX350 AWD Base Model
Optional Equipment:
Premium Packages; Towing Prep Packages; Aluminum Roof Rails; Touch Free Power Rear Door; Heated and Ventilated Front Seats; Heated Leather Steering Wheel; Blind Spot Monitor;
Total MSRP: 51,020
Selling Price: 40,730

Lease terms: 36
Down payment: 1,000
MSD: 9*500=4,500
Monthly payment(including tax): 465
OTD: 4500+1000+465=5965

How is this deal?
Btw, the dealer said I can pay the doc fee and others fee total roughly 600 by installment including by the monthly payment(465), I do not need pay this part when I am driving off the car. Is that ok?

Welcome suggestions and comments.

Looks high…

Charliew, welcome to the forum. It’s always helpful to plug these numbers into the Leasehackr calculator function and then post that link. It offers complete information in an easy-to-read format.

What region are you in? Always diligent to check the RV and MF for your make and model as applied to zip code over at the Edmunds.com forum.

That discount on MSRP looks great, but are there any incentives rolled into that sale price? It helps to know the discount off MSRP before applying incentives because other forum members can better evaluate what kind of deal you’re getting.

To do list for you:

Go to Edmunds.com forum and search for, or ask for, the RV/MF of your Make and Model for your zip code. They will tell you the base MF, the RV %, and if there are any incentives for your region.

After that, find out if the dealer applied those incentives into your sale price or not. We want to know your %-off MSRP to start with. Also, to see if the dealer marked up the MF or not.

Then, plug it all into the Leasehackr calculator and post it for all to review.

Maybe it’s Lexus, but why are your MSD’s at $500 when the monthly is lower by $40?

Edit: Also, having any form of cap-cost reduction down payment is generally argued against. I fully recognize that luxury brands have higher drive off costs to ensure a reasonable monthly.

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For Model RX-350.
There is a $2000 rebate from Lexus for the month of June 2019.
Lexus of Pembroke Pine quoted us $497 tax in. with $1000 down, 35 payments after that. 15,000 MPY.
Lexus of Kendall ( Miami ) is $439+tax, 36 payments, 15,000 MPY also.
Base model does not have memory seat.

You’re right. I remembered the dealer said the selling price was after applied all rebates and incentives.

Thank you so much! Apex!
Region: Boston
RES: 36 terms is 56.00%

Thank you for your reply.
Agree with you, but I have no idea which part have problem?

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So what are the incentive?

Hello all out there, first post :grinning:

Got a quote on a base model 2019 RX350 in SoCal:
$45,888 MSRP
$2,000 DAS
$406/mo tax incl
incl 1st mo payment, tax, license, fees, everything.
12,000 miles/yr

Add $15 per $1000 for higher MSRP

What y’all think? should I do it? :thinking:

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Go for it
I would pay the additional 15 too

Donho, merely based on what I’ve seen CA brokers offering, I would advise against that deal you posted for the time being until more research is done.

Either search for keywords and be cognizant of the location in the post, or utilize the Marketplace + California forum parameters to find Lexus postings. Off the top of my head I believed it was @Omegaautogroup and @GeorgeCSL that had RX350 base models for much less than your monthly.