Westchester NY LEASE UNDER $275

Hi, I am completely new here and new to leasing. Old car finally crapped out on me and I am looking to lease a car for first time.

Does every dealer roll in taxes and fees? I don’t want to put anything down. Don’t care what car just under $275 with everything rolled in and at least 12k miles. Maybe small SUV? Help

I hate dealers and have always bought privately owned cars. Someone help me! I’ll go to CT ROCKLAND etc if I have to I just want a good deal.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:



Do you have any cars in mind? we can suggest a lot of things which you may end up not liking

You really gonna take time out of your day to be a jerk on the internet? Get a life

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Thanks for your comment.
Would be interested in anything really. Subaru Impreza/legacy, any small mid SUV, Honda Civic, Hyundai ETC
Coming from a 2006 anything is better than that…

If that’s your price range and you want ease of mind, I can suggest you find a lease broker (there are some great ones on this site with low fees) or you look at apps like honker which can have good deals on the cars your looking at.

If your going to find this deal on your own I suggest you get familiar with a site called edmunds, they provide the residual value and MF which are both important in determining lease payment (how they effect it you can read all about in leasing 101)

But if you don’t like the game of haggling than I would suggest a broker, and just to give some reference of cars you can have in those range : Tiguan S, CX-5 sport, (most of the sedans from VW are also inside of that range) as a rule of thumb, hondas tend to lease horribly, much more worth to buy

I’m sure you’ve seen this - https://forum.leasehackr.com/t/2018-nissan-murano-s-awd-259-a-month-das-tax-fees-first-payment-ny-li-residents/57310/11- but some money up front to pay taxes

It’s going to be hard to find something for $275/mo with 0 DAS in NY because you pay sales tax on the full purchase price of the vehicle.

Or the one I posted for $240 + taxes and fees lol

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Can’t you roll everything into the monthly payment? Like 2k down you divide into the 36 months if that’s the term? Sorry I am new at this!

Lease A New 2018 Impreza For $169/Month

Now through September 4, 2018 Lease a new 2018 Impreza for $169/Month on a 36-Month Lease (Standard 2.0i 4D 5MT model, code JJA-01). $1,999 due at lease signing. $0 security deposit.

MSRP $19,355 (incl. $860 freight charge). Net cap cost of $17,225 (incl. $595 acq. fee). Total monthly payments $6,084. Lease end purchase option is $11,613. Must take delivery from retailer stock by September 4, 2018. Other leases available on other models. Cannot be combined with any other incentives. Special lease rates extended to well-qualified buyers. Subject to credit approval, vehicle insurance approval & vehicle availability. Not all buyers may qualify. Payments may be higher in some states. Net cap cost & monthly payment excludes tax, license, title, registration, retailer fees, options, insurance & the like. Retailer participation may affect final cost. At lease end, lessee responsible for vehicle maintenance/repairs not covered by warranty, excessive wear/tear, 15 cents/mile over 12,000 miles/year and $300 disposition fee. Lessee pays personal property and ad valorem taxes (where applies) & insurance. Offer not available in Hawaii. See participating retailer for details.

How is this sounding??

It’s excluding some expensive fees so it won’t be truly 2000 due at signing, again I highly recommend reading leasing 101 pinned at the top of the forum home area and also the poster above has awesome deals for the people in NY area

Take a look at marketplace for cars in NY

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You’re better off sifting through the marketplace here than going for ads posted on dealer websites. Since you’re new to leasing, take some time to read around this site. A lot of useful info here.


He told you that because it is much quicker than the entire explanation / crash course that you need. No one can do that in a paragraph for you. If you have no preference and just want the $275, peruse the marketplace and find one. Someone more knowledgeable will have to answer the fees question for your locale. Best of luck…