Were any changes made to the LH calc?

Over the past week, i have had dealers across multiple brands complain that my deals are several hundred bucks off. Bringing it to LH attention, because the calculator has not been off at all for years. It has always been sub 100 bucks vs the dealer system. Did anything change? @michael @littleviolette

Can you give specific examples?

Hmm interesting, it worked for my Hyundai and Kia calcs, is it a particular brand?

actually both volvo and acura. but not nissan or bmw.

how can i give specific examples? lol. i was told my numbers are 300-400 off, so i asked if anything changed in the calc

Well, you could post your calculator and the dealer numbers for those examples…


He won’t post his dealer’s numbers.

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Duh…it’s just broke. You figure it out!

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Why not post hypothetical numbers just to demonstrate the difference, don’t have to be actual numbers to find the flaw in the formula or coding.

Why asking the wrong person?

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