Welcome to our Trusted Hackrs 2024-2025!

Please give a warm welcome to our newest Trusted Hackrs!


The primary purpose for the @trusted_hackrs badge is to recognize members for their contributions and to help new users identify posts coming from a knowledgeable source! Use of moderation tools is strictly optional. These members were chosen for their helpfulness, expertise, and overall contributions, in addition to consideration of nominations both public and private.

We also thank the Trusted Hackrs who rotated to emeritus status:


Thank you for all that you’ve done and making this community what it is!


Welcome everyone and congratulations!


Impressive group. Welcome!


Congrats and welcome to all the new TH :tada:


Congrats to the new TH’s! Hopefully @paranoidgarliclover celebrates by getting into a lease on a new 4-banger.

Also looking forward to more ABS deal updates from @themachine as the captive lenders try to get more liquidity to hand out bargain bin EV leases.


That is some big group leaving… damn…

I think we need to organize now Cental Jersey meet up of old farts and complain about new gen


I will be on the East Coast next week to join!

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Oh, next car will def be a 4-banger. The question is whether it’ll be a $30K 4-banger attached to a depressing CVT that has a very practical bodystyle (eg., Impreza) or a $100K Mercedes-AMG attached to a car that doesn’t really appeal to me. :wink: ::snort::

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Congrats, but got no idea who some of these people are lol


I think these folks have been super-helpful while remaining low key (no drama). Which IMO makes them great trusted hackers and moderators.

IIRC @ApexHunt was helping the guy with the 330i before others started to belittle the OP of the thread as a weak hackr who was making a bad decision… causing that OP to never come back to LH.

And @renren is a self-admitted narcissist with cool dogs in his avatar. But nobody seems to recognize him as a narcissist, while we all agree his dogs are really cool. I have a cat in my avatar and you have a bear… so it’s not as cool.


That was a surprise. You need to learn from @Russo on how to take better quality photos.
Following you, I am also going to change my avatar to my cat. I just need it to stand still for a moment.

Been here since right before COVID; am I now a GenX, between old fart and new gen?

things I’m capable of talking about
lucid air
my wife
my dogs


Animated GIF

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LH meetup at Benjamin in Westchester!

@themachine I was disappointed this was not your profile picture:

bert-kreischer-the-machine copy

I’ll be even more disappointed if you tell me you have no idea who this is and it’s totally irrelevant to your username

I picture him as this Machine.

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Congratulations all!

Definitely prefer a NJ meetup :grinning: