Website like this for purchases

This is a great website but most deals with leasing that doesn’t work for me currently. Is there a similar website to this that talks about auto purchasing deals?

You can talk about purchasing deals as well too lol

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What doesn’t work specifically? What car are you looking at?

All of the lessons learned here are equally applicable to purchasing.

Formulas the same. Send a dealer an offer. If they say no not possible or whatever, move on to the next.

Similar to what others have said, all brokers & dealers on LH will facilitate a purchase just as easily as a lease.

Are you saying-you WONT eat/slurp the ice cream if it’s melted??? :joy:

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time to start a website

purchasehackr. com

  • Browse broker offerings here on Marketplace for general idea of dealer discount on a car you’re interested in

  • Research all applicable purchase incentives that you’re qualified for in your region on same vehicle

  • Shop around banks and CUs for the lowest APR loan that you qualify for on a new car

  • Establish discount you’d be happy with based on steps above and build out LH calculator of the deal (finance tab) with dealer discount, all incentives that you qualify for, and best financing APR you’d be able to get

  • Call/email all dealers in your area asking them whether they’ll take this offer, with your own financing, or with their own financing terms that are same/better, telling them you’ll come in 2 hours to take delivery if they accept.

  • If no one accepts - increase dealer search area or lower your expectations a bit

  • Sign with the one that accepts.

  • Profit.

Now if anyone wants to wrap that into nice HTML/CSS, there is purchasehackr. com source code right there

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I think OP gets the point now (hopefully)…


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