We need a wiki..........[15 char]

…on leasing companies and banks, for starters.

Who allows transfers, who doesn’t take the original lessee of the hook even if they allow them, how early or how late (e.g. first & last six months) do they disallow them, what’s the app and transfer fee, disposition, etc

IME this stuff influences decisions before the buying process. All else being equal, I would much prefer the lease Co that allows full transfers with no remaining obligations.

Beyond the factual, would be good to add experiences re: lease returns, damage costs and waivers, etc

Going fwd, if the RV/MF category gains a lot of traction and generates lots of redundant threads, a wiki-type structure for that too might make things more efficient.


I love that idea. Though the forum is fantastic to discuss offers, and I really enjoy it. An informational wiki would be pretty awesome.

Would be great to have a page for each vehicle along with filters for Vehicle year, class (mid-size, compact, etc), and brand.

Love the idea.

Fine line between a database and a Wiki. Wiki would be easier to maintain so probably the best solution.

+1 for the Wiki, especially for the MF/RV part. Most of the times, the MF/RV information is available in edmunds, but it is deeply buried in their forums. But with so many manufactures, many models, and ever changing rates, rates based on locations, it would be very difficult to maintain such a list.

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I think the mf and RV is best served being in a database rather than a wiki. Could start processing some great historical data.

TBH there is a reason why people have not done this. It is a huge amount of work. Especially with numbers changing every month for each model and sometimes spec and state.

It would be too much to properly maintain. Best to just go to the Edmund’s forum or post in here.

i was going to say, a DB with that many variables would be a crazy amount of stuff to maintain. The wiki is nice because people could potentially just ask for numbers and then whoever provides is could just link a wiki page instead of putting the numbers directly into the forum thread.

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This is a huge amount of work. I outlined parts of it here

The wiki is good for text information (though a database would work too since we are not writing reviews or long articles)

If it was designed correctly, the “system” can automatically copy some pieces of data to the next month so it is not a bear to maintain.

With a database, we can have the data drive the lease calculator and then save the calculations (where you will be given a URL) so they can be embedded in the forum

If you guys want to organize the structure, let us try to pull it together.

  • What fields are needed for each manufacturer (make)?
    • MSD: Y/N
  • What fields are for each model?
    • MF (for 36/10k)
    • Residual (for 36/10k)
  • Do we need fields for a 3rd level (after model)
    • Base Model
    • Convertible, etc.
  • Do we need Year of car?
  • Do we need even more fields for each lease term and miles (this may be too much)?
  • What fields change every month?
  • What are the properties of each field? Number, Percent, Y/N ?
  • How about the specific rebates?
    • ex: Chevy: “Red Tag”

Yup, huge amount of work to get it right. Possibly too ambitious right now given actual size and reach of the forum as it currently stands.

Too much work…all the big companies (with the most models) tend to have different RV/MF by trim and sometimes by 2wd/awd

We can maybe do the “popular” ones to start …

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Wiki is such a great idea, especially for popular topics which would benefit from constant updates from the community or which require a living list, so readers don’t need to scroll all the way down for the complete information. I am not sure about making RV/MF wiki-- like other members have said, it would be a huge project and difficult to keep current and verifiable.

You can always make your posts wiki by clicking the wrench icon at the bottom right of your post:


This is great @littleviolette, thank you.

Once we have Made it into a Wiki how does it work?

Once you have made the post into a “wiki,” anyone can edit that particular post.

We are thinking of creating a new category called “sticky” or “knowledge base” where posts that are “sticky-worthy” can be referenced and where general/popular topics – some might require occasional community update by making the post wiki-- can be stored. However, this category can easily be considered as the “tips” part of our existing “Share Deals & Tips” category. What do you guys think? Are there too many categories already?

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@chrisgo It seems like only admin can make a post wiki. I will create a “wiki” category for knowledge base threads (e.g. Good Dealer List) and make the first post wiki. Alternatively, you can always flag your post or PM me or @michael if you want to make a particular post wiki! Thanks!