Warranty Claim - Interior Tear on BMW

Had my new lease in a BMW for just 3 months now.

I loaded some boxes in the backseat a few weeks ago and just noticed they must have rubbed on the interior door panel. It looks like the fake leather (whatever it is) pulled off in about a 1/4” x 1/“2 square. So what’s showing is the white sub-material (whatever that is)

It’s ridiculous that it did that!

Any hope I can try to be nice with the dealership and get them to claim this as warranty defect?

I just don’t want to be charged at lease return for damage.

I’d try for warranty.

Not much you can do other than ask, nothing to lose really. If one dealer says no you can always try another.

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Also see how much the panel is to replace if need be. Lots of discount BMW parts joints on the Interwebs.

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Get some pictures.

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