Wanted: BMW i3 or 3 series under $300 sign and drive

Don’t care on any specific features

Nomination for Laziest post of the year?


Just to clarify - this is a forum. Where users help one another. This is not craigslist where you post asking for others to service/sell you on their product.

There is a wealth of valuable information here that is provided to save you money and help out the community. It is literally two clicks away. There is even a very good post to show you how to negotiate an i3 deal for $50 a month.


To be honest, you sound like the perfect candidate for a broker to deal for you. Though, I would probably dial down expectations, this would only be doable with a loaner/demo on a 17 - if you can find one, assuming lease support is there, also can’t think of anything else to make this a longer run on sentence.

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Yeah there’s a lot of dealers on here and I might just get a response from one of them :wink:

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Where can I find that “$50” article. Would be much appreciated as I’m not sure how to use the search function here yet

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You hit the search button and type in what you want. So you would type in “BMW i3” or BMW 320i (or other 3 series). The dealers don’t come to you and inventory is low in 2017s so I don’t your expectations can be met? Did you randomly choose $300 and just assume that it will work? Because that’s not how car buying / leasing works.

Not at that price. Raise it to 400 and they would gladly reply. Hey make it 400, and i will find one for you. :slight_smile:

Make it $500 I’ll put in some work for you too

Make it 600 and you can take mine.:grin:

700 and you can get a sweet 330 wagon from me!

Correction. It showed how SOMEONE negotiated that deal. That write up is not a guarantee to be replicated.

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800 I’ll deliver a 430 to your door

Make it $900 and I’ll get you a BOGO deal.

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One day you wake up and you realize you’re actually on leasebrokrs.com