Want to get in line for 2022 Lexus NX

Hey there, I want to get in line for the new 2022 Lexus NX coming out in the fall. Any ideas how I can start that process now? Thanks.

…contact a dealer? I’m sure they’d gladly take a deposit.

Get in line??

You won’t need to get in line to buy this, trust me. There will be plenty of these on lots when it arrives. Nothing special about this NX, Just show up and lease it …

In normal times this would be true. Probably not this year, though. The largest Toyota dealer in the US is showing one Venza in stock right now. I believe the new NX will be in high demand and short supply when it is first released.


the NX is right in line with the X3, GLC, and Q5 in terms of sales numbers, and it’s arguably one of the hottest segments for buyers right now, and if all the supply chain / manufacturer reports hold any water the inventory shortage ain’t letting up anytime soon… op might want to contact the largest lexus dealer in town.

1 venza in stock in the entire US??

I just did a quick check within 10 miles, there are 5 at local dealers.

Not for nothing but the ongoing talk of chip shortages and inventory issues I have been hearing about for months now, along with extremely strong consumer demand for new vehicles, there should be absolutely 0 inventory across all lots in the US at this moment. I have no idea how there is inventory left on any lot at this moment in time if there is a chip shortage crisis. I understand there is a real problem but for as much as a chip shortage crisis they claim I’m absolutely baffled how there can still be inventory left on lots even if it’s 89 cars here and 127 cars there. Etc etc.

What is baffling about it? It is a production shortage, not an absolute stop on all chips being sent here. Dealer inventories are smaller but new vehicles are still arriving all the time. And yes, part of it is hype because a more dramatic headline or story photo of an empty dealer lot sells clicks.

And chip production has already been ramped up, so once they start arriving (later this year, most likely) there are suddenly going to be a TON of new cars since some assembly lines are simply waiting to stick the final piece into an already finished vehicle. That’s why I would strongly advise anyone who can hold off on buying/leasing should absolutely wait.

For OP, the problem with signaling your interest now is that it basically labels you as an early adopter, and dealers are less likely to negotiate if you care more about bring the first in line.

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