Want out of Tesla payment

Anyone know of a way to get out of your tesla payments currently?

I know the value is pretty underwater. Just wanted to see if anyone got out without paying a dollar.

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Lease transfer only really.

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Look at your lease statement and it should tell you the remaining payments. Then check your residual. Then add those numbers up. Then check the value of your Tesla. If you are indeed underwater (very likely especially on a newer lease), then there’s nothing you can do other than take a big hit if you turn the car in early.

You could also go to Leasetrader and see if someone wants to take over your lease, assuming that’s allowed in your lease contract.

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I forgot to mention it is a purchase…

Expect to take a hit, but just sell the car then.

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snow covered off-ramp


Yea… hold that L proudly.


There’s a storm coming
go park where it’s bound to flood

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Another happy Elon customer. Nice.


Really just two options–keep it until the depreciation is acceptable compared to your usage or cut losses now if you can afford it and find a good deal elsewhere.

Or I guess pray that it will break down and you can lemon it.

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Then dump it if you don’t like it and can take the hit.

The shtty part is if someone even crashes me… Ill still be underwater… this is some ultimate bullshite… Guess my only feasible option is to drive this thing till it drive no more…

How much you pay? And how much you owe
How much pain we talking

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Life’s too short for that.

Take the hit and move on with your life. Or the annual depreciation for the next couple years may be more acceptable to you.

Either way don’t be too miserable about it.


OP - thousands, or tens of thousands of $? And which Tesla model?

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Do you not have GAP insurance …?

Lets just say I still owe 45K on a 2018 Tesla Model S 75D

So pain

Omph, that’s rough. Elon pretty much devalued all the Teslas with his multiple price cuts.

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Yea, I was planning on driving for 24 months and selling didn’t know I would get cucked by that alien.