Waiving disposition fee for buying a CPO of the same brand?

So there lease is up on my 2016 ATS-V. The buyout is $12k more than the car is worth (Made for a good lease). Anyway, Cadillac does not offer any performance sedans currently so I purchased a newer ATS-V, used with CPO warranty from a Cadillac dealer.
I am going to call GM finance and ask if they will waive the disposition fee since I purchased another, albeit CPO used Cadillac.
They did offer to waive it if I purchased another GM vehicle from another brand(New)

Sell the car if it’s worth more than buyout - check carmax, vroom, carvana

You better re read what he said. He said the payoff is 12k MORE THAN the car is worth. He’s not selling it anywhere without taking a bath.


Did you finance with GMF or a 3rd party bank? If a 3rd party, you have no recourse for a waiver as you’re no longer a customer of GMF. If GMF, they may waive it, but no guarantee since you didn’t buy or lease new. No harm in asking though.

What exactly is your question though. Your description reads as a statement, but you posted in Ask the Hackrs?

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The residual is $46,000. Retail value is around $38k. Figure wholesale around $33-$34k. GMAC gets this one back

Lol my bad, just woke up dude. Read that wrong

Good point. I brought my own financing through my bank. The dealership said I was at least 1% lower than anything they have seen and the dealership did not look for other sources.

If you brought your own financing, you didn’t stay loyal to GMF, so no reason for them to waive the fee, outside of being nice.

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Lease up on my 2016 Cadillac ATS-V, all payments made. Now comes the disposition fee of $595. I purchased a 2017 ATS-V, certified used car from a Cadillac dealer. Financed through my own bank (BoA)

I called Cadillac and asked if that purchase qualifies to avoid having to pay the disposition fee. Guess what? Disposition fee waived :slight_smile:


You got lucky considering being “loyal” would be financing through GMF. They don’t get squat now with you going through BofA.

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Update. GM financial will not waive the disposition fee as I was told by Tatiana, one of their customer service reps. Below is the timeline

November I visit my local Cadillac dealer to being shopping for a replacement for my leased 2016 ATS-V. (Lease up 12/6). Basically they give me a 2019 CTS 3.6 for the day to try. Not my cup of tea and they tell me we won’t see the new CT4 V or CT5V until mid February at the soonest.

I do see a beautiful 2017 ATS-V on their used car lot, CPO warranty.

I call GM financial to see what options I may have since my lease is up and Cadillac has no cars except the CT6 on sale. I ask about the CPO car and they tell me I won;t have to pay the disposition fee if I buy a CPO car from a Cadillac dealer or buy/lease any GM product

11/21 I buy the 2017 ATS-V and finance through my bank due to a much better rate than other sources.

12/6 I turn in my 2016 lease, under miles, no damage

Early January I get a bill for the disposition fee so I call GM financial and they tell me to fax in the buyers order for my new purchase, I do that the next day.

A week later I get another bill in the mail for the disposition fee and I figure it was mailed before they updated the account. Regardless, I call to be sure.

After speaking with 4 people over 40 minutes at GM financial they tell me that their rep was wrong, mistaken and the CPO purchase does not waive the disposition fee. Seems yes, they do record all phone calls. GM financial customer service manager apologizes for the misinformed service rep but they cannot waive the fee.

OK, fine, whatever, I couple of days later I go online to my banks bill pay service and pay the fee and 3 days later the payment gets returned with a note saying the reason is Account closed.

So it’s Feb 1st and I get notified that there has been a late payment mark on my credit. ):

I call again on 2/4 and tell them what happened and I am told I need to either mail a check or they can take payment over the phone for a $10 fee. The rep Preston tells me he will have the late payment status removed and set the new due date for March 4th.

Probably won’t buy/lease another GM product again, certainly won’t use GM financial. Can’t really say they did anything wrong except they have the recording of their rep telling me the disposition fee would be waived for buying a CPO car fro a dealer and GM finance refused to honor what there rep told a customer.

If you would’ve purchased the car through GMF instead of BofA, I’m fairly certain you would’ve been given the “loyal” waiver. Staying with GM is one thing, but financing through another bank, you’re not being Loyal to the one offering the incentive.

I get the fact you’re upset about being told by some low level employee you’d be granted the waiver, but you weren’t being loyal going through another bank. The brand didn’t matter, the bank being used did, since the incentive came from them and not GM corporate.

How would this have shaken out if he had financed through GMF and instantly refinanced to his bank?

He likely would’ve gotten the waiver since he financed with GMF, regardless of the refi later. Hindsight is 20/20 though.

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There was never any discussion about financing. Just about buying a CPO car from a Cadillac dealer. I understand people make mistakes and that’s why I was/am willing to still pay the disposition fee. But I don’t feel I should be penalized for them reporting it as late after I was given incorrect information

Fair point, but it looks like they are going to remove the late from your description

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