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That is a very good question. Monetization details are not fully planned out yet but to sustain this, we will need something in place. I hate traditional ads with a passion and I’ll not be going that route.

I have noodled on a lower single digit fee per order for the lifecycle of it for email notifications and such and maybe something different for bulk order look up & branded notifications.

Running WaitingForTesla has shown me that relying solely on donations can be brutal. Early days when we had less than 200 users, people were more appreciative than when we grew to thousands. Now we barely get enough to survive. Last 30 days = $0.

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Honestly I would love to hear from my broker on up to the minute updates , such as when my car moves in the production stages etc. Maybe brokers can utilize this as an offering for their customers and pay you a small fee

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I do see value in doing that - at least having a global place where they can check on all of their orders, be in the loop of changes (notify both broker & customer). If a broker has an order entered, notifications will be branded with their name when it comes through, etc. i think I should be able to execute on this plan very soon (dashboards, auth system, etc)


I see people started using this in the trx and wrangler forums :joy:

Curious what’s it cost to run this monthly if you mind sharing?


Don’t have exact numbers yet but the cost would be tied to the number of users viewing statuses and more so on the number of orders we end up tracking. It’s billed on number of executions vs a set amount. It’s built to scale infinitely if needed.

SendGrid has a minimum plan for $20/month for emails (billed on number of emails sent), but if this grows significantly, that cost will too.

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Nice!! I saw some chatter in one of the threads of the Wrangler forum and then saw the name pop up on a 4xe forum. Crazy how it can spread by just word of mouth.


Would definitely donate to the cause! Love the dashboard…

You can support @ilike2breakthngs – and all his projects – here;


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Just an an FYSA for ilike2breakthngs@
Last night WaitingForJeep.com stopped returning details of my order and presented a “Order Status could not be found. Please check your order number, your last name and try again.” message. https://www.jeep.com/trackyourorder still shows my order.

Site is back up. Thank you.