Waiting till Dec 31st to lease a car?

This is mostly for Carphan but I’d love to get everyone’s opinion.

You guys seem to be a really knowledgeable expert about leasing cars. Do you really think I should wait till the very last day of the year to get a car? What if you can’t get the sale done? I was going to go in Monday and see If I could get a Infiniti Q50 2.0 premium for $260-280 a month $0 drive off.

I could wait but I don’t want to miss the chance.

I’m in los angeles. I wanted to get the Chrysler 300 but none of the dealers will budge. They say all the incentives are gone. They were in November. I’ve called 5 dealerships and emailed with them. Lease options were terrible. $499 with $0 drive off. Couldn’t believe it.

Would really appreciate some advice. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!



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I’m by no means one of the experts on this forum, I’m just trying to learn. Based on everything I’ve been reading, it seems many are recommending doing all your research, get all the quotes and potential deals lined up and then if you don’t hit the number you’re looking for, giving the dealers one last shot at your business on the 31st might be your in since they may be ready to sell at a loss just to hit their sales goals for the week/month/year.

What if dealers achieve their targets couple of days before 31st?

dealers should have a good idea if they’re going to hit their number during the last week of Dec. I would get the ball rolling with as many dealers as i can during the last week and see who is the most desperate. You will get calls from them trying to close if they’re short.

No. You need to understand that trying to finalize the deal just before closing will put extra pressure on you also. Like others said here, dealer may hit the target before Dec 31st, for example. But on the other hand, on Dec 15th they may know that they need to sell 20 more cars by 31st. They will be no less motivated, but you will have more time to get the deal done and on 15th or wait for them to come back to you with improved offer before 31st.
That being said, it may help to close on 31st. I had ordered a car in the past that was not supposed to arrive until mid January, but arrived on Dec 29. I in no rush then and told the dealer I’d come to get the car on Jan 2, but they really wanted to close the deal before January. So I was able to squeeze extra $500 for my trade-in. But I had everything in place well before Dec 31st.