Wagoneer series 1 lease

Got a lease deal from a dealership for Wagoneer series 1

MSRP: 69000
2300 $ equity on a trade
1500 $ additional down
897 $ with tax included.

Is it a good deal on wagoneer ? If not what should I target as payment wise. I have FCA affiliate discount too.

Selling for msrp?

Order one from a broker here at 6-7% off

What about trade ? Dealer is telling me they can’t do affiliate since giving 2300$ on trade

I’m pretty sure the two have no connection.

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It’s an lease through Chrysler capital

Which means it can be sold anywhere. Get busy getting quotes and selling to the highest bidder

You can sell a ccap lease to any of those places, unless youre in the final 60 dayd of the lease.

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