WA state- Mercedes C300 4matic Loaners lease

Hi guys,

Please help with the following lease and counter offer from different dealer.

2018 Mercedes c300 4matic 3000miles with Premium package, panoramic roof, blind spot assit and etc…
36 month/ 10k miles per year
MSRP: 47220
Dealer discount: 6221
Fleet Discount: 1750
Selling price: 39249
money factor: 0.00070 (another dealer told me this is for RWD, but this money factor is what they told me and I got it written on the paper by them, maybe a mistake by their new finance officer…)
Residual value: 59%

The acquisiton fee or other fee are unknown.

after some negotiation they gave me 0 down, 469$/month tax included.


Then I called another dealer and that dealer wouldn’t show me the paper work but keep asking me to drive down to them. Telling me that they will beat their price and when I asked about money factor and all the details, the manager told me all that is nothing if they can beat the above offer and get me a lower monthly with 0 down payment.

So finally they offered a car (per their saying apple to apple), at 400$/month. They don’t want me to take the paperwork and shop around, so they said they will show me the car and everything once I drive down to their dealership. I will do that tomorrow or something when I get free time.

So is my first offer good?

If the first one is a bad deal, what do I have to watch for when I drive down to second dealer?