WA state - likely to provide EV credits


Looks like WA state might introduce EV credit soon

Any idea if this kind of legislations get applied retroactively? I am currently in the process of closing a deal to buy a used EV. If this legislation passes, my deal will turn out to be really good one. But not sure if I can wait till the legislation to pass, the deal might not longer be available till then.

Any suggestions?

Your guess is as good as anyones. Safe bet is it won’t apply retroactively.


Yeah makes sense. Thinking of pushing it by 15 days to get the purchase date of 2022, in case they come up with - all vehicles purchased in 2022. But again, everything is a guesswork at this time

First time in market for EV car. How does tax credit work for purchase? Do we get $7500 adjusted on MSRP (for eligible cars of course) from dealer directly or we pay full right now and then claim $7500 in tax returns?
For example, Nissan website shows MSRP $27,400 with 0% APR offer for 2022 Leaf. Assuming I find a dealer who can honor that (in current market), does it mean my effective purchase price would be 19,900(27,400 I pay to dealer - $7500 tax credit I can claim in my tax returns)?
Or am I missing something?

On a purchase, you claim it as a credit on your tax return, assuming that you have at least $7500 of tax liability.