VW Tiguan SEL - Asking for a friend

Sup guys. Friend is looking to lease Tigual SEL and I am trying to avoid his deal being talked about in Worst leases you’ve seen thread LOL. There’s also a trade involved - 2012 G37X with 87k miles. Payoff is 8177. Dealer said he will take the car back and take care of the payoff and his lease will look like this:

2019 VW Tiguan SEL AWD
MSRP 34,765
Cap Cost 31,813
MF .00060
Residual 53%
39/12k $389 tax included with 2,000 total due at signing - NYC lease
Infinity is taken on the trade and paid off - 8,177

Quick search on Edmunds showed about 1600 dealer cash this month but when he asked the manager he said all available incentives are included and ended at that.

Screenshot of his worksheet attached!

Thanks fellaz!!

Without the cash down maybe it’s decent. Any idea what the actual value is on the trade? Basically they need to shop the trade in value around

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