VW Tiguan SE 2019


Hello all!

I want to check with you all on a possible lease.

From Edmunds forum, I received these information.
Residual: 55% for 7.5k/36 months,
Money Factor: 0.00060
Incentives: $1350
MSRP: $27690

Dealership confirmed that those numbers are correct. They are able to base the lease off selling price of 500 over invoice minus the incentives since MSRP is 1k above the invoice price.

With that, I am looking at around $339 before tax plus first month and all taxes/fees. I am currently based in Honolulu, HI and we have 2 VW dealerships here on the island so it may be a little harder to really shop around.

What do you guys think of the deal?

Thank you!


That’s not a lot of choice to negotiate. I guess all you can do is to make sure that all the numbers are base numbers and aren’t inflated.