VW Tiguan Current Offer: Is this a good deal?

Monthly Payment:

S: $249
SE: $294.
(I think I prefer the SE; is it worth the difference)?

I’m in the SE;Atlanta.

Lease a 2020 Tiguan S. Stock #VN20144 with automatic transmission for $249 a month. 39-month lease. On approved credit to highly qualified customers through Volkswagen Credit. $0 security deposit. $0 due at signing. 0 first month’ s payment. Closed end lease financing available through 11/30/20 for a new, unused 2020 Tiguan S with automatic transmission. Monthly lease payment based on MSRP of $26,544.00 and destination charges less a suggested dealer contribution resulting in a capitalized cost of $21,544.00. Excludes tax, tag, title, fees and first payment. Includes blind spot and autonomous emergency braking. Monthly payments total $8,541 and include acquisition fee of $699 and capitalized cost reduction of $0. Your payment will vary based on final negotiated price. At lease end, lessee responsible for disposition fee of $495, 7.5K miles per year with $0.20/mile over and excessive wear and use. See dealer for details. Selling price $21,544.00. Not all customers will qualify for credit approval. Expires 11/30/20.

This is a dealer ad so don’t assume the pricing will be honored without a little grief/effort. The SE feels almost Audi like with fake leather/heated seats/power driver seat. The S feels pretty bare bones. Look at the fine print, nice contradictions. Only 7.5k/mi/mo

Man, those T&Cs on that deal make this not worth the paper its written on.

Ahhh!! Thank you! Yep. I emailed and they basically copy/pasted the dealer ad.

This will be my first time leasing. Can you give me any tips/pointers on how to get them to honor this ad or what to expect them to try to do to not honor? (Only if you have time of course; but I’m a newbie so I’d be grateful for any tips on what to expect when going in for a dealers ad like this).

And especially if I want to go with the SE (pretty sure I do).

Hey MLLCb42; Total newbie here at leasing. By T’s and C’s do you mean (tax, title…) and capitalization?

Making sure I understand so I can research more. I’d be grateful for any other insight so I don’t go down a path of a bad deal!

I meant terms and conditions, but it’s the same basic idea. Basically, their dealer ad has so many gotchas in it that the numbers are useless for comparison. That’s typical of dealer/manufacturer ads though; they’re generally best just ignored.


Have you checked out leasing 101. Start there.


That’s better than Cali’s offer of $279 S&D
Your looks like the dealer is throwing in $6k of ‘contribution’ where in Cali it’s 2k.

Try and calculate that. It doesn’t work. If it is truly no first payment, which may or may not be the case, then $8541/38=$224.76. Did you check to see if that stock number is still even in stock? I found it on their website, but it is showing $289/mo for me. They also list military and college grad rebates to get to their price.
Their numbers are just all kinds of screwed up.

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I’m also a total noob in the So-Cal market for a Tiguan (wife is in love with it after a test drive). We got the attached quote from Dealer A after just a phone call. Went to test drive at a Dealer B and they wanted $385 for the same deal, but immediately said they’d beat the attached quote.

I’m going to set a couple hours aside today to go through Leasing 101 before shopping the offer around via email, but since this post came up, I figured I’d offer what I’ve got.

We’re hoping that by “beat,” Dealer B would be willing to bring it down to $300. This is $0 down / $0 due at signing. 36 months / 15,000 miles. Mileage is important to us. S model. We’d be willing to spend a little more for the SE, but it’s not a huge concern by any means.


From the [quote=“thehomie, post:10, topic:308826”]

From the Dealer you will need the Money Factor and Residual Value (they are charging)
From Edmunds.com you need to see the True Money Factor and Residual Value
Then we can help.

Thanks for your response! Here’s what the dealer said:

"Okay here is the quote

26 months
15k miles
$0 down
$319 a month including tax on approved credit

Money factor .00031
Residual 47% ($12,445.60)

MSRP $26,480
Discount $5,200 including rebates
Selling price: $21,280"

I’ve searched and searched but have no idea how to find the true money factor / residual value on Edmunds.

You go here

And post your make / model / Lease Term / miles / zip code. and the guy there comes back with the numbers. (Each zip code is different)

But from a quick look, it looks legit.
I glanced at the VW offer for CA Tiguan and yours is pretty good as it is 15k

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2021 Atlas looking like a better deal,

Have you compared this to @rubbergash spreadsheet in the marketplace and see what he can do since you mentioned So Cal?