VW, Tax credit in Texas

This is just an FYI, I am currently hacking away at a deal for my wife on a Tiguan SE w/ Panoramic sunroof and I am in contact with 3 dealerships. I was able to get the Tax credit approved. More to come on that but at this point 2 of the 3 dealerships are giving the Tax break which in Texas is a big deal. My goal is get to less than $300 a month with the first month down. Wish me luck…

try to see MSD discount , auto-pay discount, any fleet, any coupons out thereon VW?

On Lexus - one-pay or pre-paid lease usually results in near-zero finance charges. is that worth it - or MSDs good enough?

Definitely make sure GAP insurance included (built-in) in the lease.

On MB, the service (maintenance) contract residualized (suggest 3 or 4 services for high milers). Does VW need such contract if so the residualized price sound any deal ?

at times dealers can throw in at-cost/below cost dings and wheel/rim/tire package. see if that makes sense (all together under $500) - often it doesn’t make financial sense.

Wish you the luck !!

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Any good luck?

It was last year???!!!