VW Lease transfer?

I have a Jetta SEL lease (6 months into a 3 yr lease) that I don’t need anymore. Does VW allow lease transfers, does anyone know? If not, what other options are there?


You can transfer, but you will still be held liable for the loan.

I transferred a lease I had through swapalease.com. Whether you will be held liable depends on your leasing company. With my lease transfer, I have no further liability.
I contacted my leasing company, they sent paperwork to fill out (very simple), they check the credit on the new person leasing the car, and if approved, the transfer goes through. Fairly straight forward and simple process.
Another website is leasetrader.com, but I found swapalease to be better.

Exactly what, @Jon said. VW allows you to transfer but you could be held liable if the person you transfer to defaults, incurs wear and tear damages etc.

Some would say if you know the person well and trust them, etc., then it could work out fine. Personally, I’d advise against it.

thanks for your responses guys! Just what I thought, i.e. VW still holds the orginal lease owner liable. Not worth it.