VW Lease return bogus charges

We recently returned a VW Tiguan lease. Before I turned the car in, I had a friend/body shop owner go over the ENTIRE car. This thing looked showroom. He took out any dings, dents, scratches etc. The car was turned in under mileage and in GREAT condition.

Just checked our mail and found a bill for $284.xx.
-$50 for curb rash on wheel
-$50 for curb rash on 2nd wheel.
-$184 for a chip on the hood.

I can understand the wheels. My wife scuffed them pretty good. The chip on the hood? It was not there when i turned this car in. 100%. This car was showroom.

Do I have any options? I have a receipt from the body shop that I can provide to VW, but I am not sure how far that will get me. Like I said, the wheels I can understand. The rock chip is nothing but an attempt to claw more money from us since we left the VW family.

I’m in the car business and as a F&I Manager and routinely ground leased cars. That being said, the dealership has nothing to do with your lease turn in except for the guy like me entering the data to ground it. The third party inspection company goes over your car when it’s turned in.

Now, what I recommend, and what I personally do before I turn my leases in, is photograph the entire car inside and out, sometimes with dealership personnel in the photos to document where and when etc… it takes 30 min tops.

All of that being said, your bill is $284.00, call them and dispute it, but the word “attorney” shouldn’t be used over $284 of course

I appreciate the insight. I did grab pictures of the car as proof in the event this did happen. I do not blame the dealership, but the inspection company.

I have no intentions on threatening any form of legal action. I just want to pay for what I actually owe and whats right.

Did you have a pre turn-in inspection completed? This could have prevented these issues (if VW offers them)

The only thing in dispute here is the $184 for the chip in the hood.

  • did you have the car inspected before turn-in, denton.36?
  • I’m not saying you’re wrong, but it’s easy to miss things like this.
  • I’d look at your lease contract to see what how VW defines “excess wear and tear.” A chip in the hood sounds normal to me.
  • did VW send you a picture of it? There should be a picture.

Inspection was done, but I was not there and did not see the car post inspection. I am not sure if VW pictures, but I am looking into this. I appreciate the help!

It is always worth the time to be there for the inspection. It will save you headaches like this later.

VW is going to waive the fee. I explained to them the steps we took to turn the car in and offered to provide a copy of our receipt from the body shop. They seemed annoyed with the inspection company for putting a chip on there. Thanks for all the help!

I thought VW will waive $750 when you turn in your car and your bill is clearly below $750.

Funny, your total is $284 and I don’t see a disposition fee. I returned my lease VW Passat and I just received a letter from VW credit for a bill of $350 disposition fee and on top of that, added tax for $28.74 for a total of $378.74:
I’ve heard a lot of complaints about VW credit and this has to be one. Why did they not charge you for a disposition fee and charge me? Kind of a little confused: To top it up, I had tax charges added to the disposition fee,
Disposition Fee $350. Tax $28.74 Total $378.74
Excess Mileage @ 20 $843.40 Tax 69.58 Total $12.98
Total Amount Due $1291.72

So my question is:
Is there a disposition fee or just random to some lease clients?
Can they add taxes to Disposition and Excess Mileage charges?

Would welcome and replies or suggestions before I call VW credit. I do have Lease Excess Wear Protection Waiver that I initiallly paid for $629. and contract states #4. Any excess mileage charges. That should cover the extra mileage charges, doesn’t it ?
Thank you and would appreciate any comments or suggestions on his matter.

He def got dinged for the disposition fee. Note that it’s taxable so your bill is normal.

I just turned in a VW Passat lease last week (2016 Passat R Line) so I’m expecting the same kind of bill in about a month or so (final settlement letter) should be around $380 with tax…

Thanks, wondering if the original post was also charged disposition fee. Sounds like just the $284 he mentioned and not taxed …

Shoulda hit up Vroom or transferred lease early, and if the numbers favored you, you could have saved the dispo and/or damages and/or miles and hassle.

Easier said than done, ymmv, etc

We were charged the disposition fee, but it was in the paperwork when we signed. Yours likely was too.

  1. All the captives charge a disposition fee. It’s in your contract. Outside of a few credit unions maybe, the only lessor that doesn’t charge a dispo fee is Ally. The dispo fee is typically waived if you stay loyal to the brand. If you dropped off a VW and leased a Ford, you’re on the hook for this fee.
  2. Yes, taxes can be added to Dispo fee + Excess mileage.