VW Lease Florida Payoff. *NIGHTMARE*

Why is it such a mission at the end of a lease with VW to get a Dealer payoff. VW won’t give it to you online because they say due to a state legal or regulatory requirement they can not give you a payoff. Then I call the local dealer to get the payoff and its a mission to speak to a finance manager because unless you are buying a car from them they won’t take your call.

And if last option you call VW credit they also wont give you the payoff because they say the dealer that is buying the car has to call for the payoff.

I am having such an issue trying to trade this car in and find out the payoff in Florida. SOMEBODY HELP ME!

Call VW, tell them you’re a dealer, and ask for a dealer payoff.

Ally refused to give me a dealer payoff when I sold my car to Vroom so I gave them the name of the dealership I work for lol

They don’t verify that you’re actually a dealership employee (aside from asking the name of the store you’re calling from)


Just practice a couple times in the mirror so it sounds believable.

“VW Financial this is Steve”

“Hi Steve this is Francois Tibula from VW of Venus, I’m calling to get our payoff for a customer’s lease. I have their account number when you’re ready”

Make some dumb smalltalk if you want. “Steve are your offices at HQ in Herndon? That building on Ferdinand Porsche drive is something else.”


If you really want to be bold, go with:
“Hi Steve, this is Jake Khakeeze from State Farm VW of Springfield…”

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What are you trying to accomplish? Sell to carvana, many people have had success with three way calls. You can try to pretend to be a dealer, might need their dealer code though, and I’m doubtful that many call for that, VW dealers can get it online I’m pretty sure. You could pm someone on here that’s a VW dealer and ask really nicely

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Have to admit, I’ve dabbled…


I see what you did there… Fake news!


Despite what the Fallwell’s “business partner” would have you believe, joining another couple is more often than not a chemistry experiment that will explode and leave you scarred. Stick to two strangers. Allegedly.

:wave:t2::wave:t2: Landfill see you soon :kissing_heart:


that you meet in the elevator at a Hampton Inn in Des Moines.


Fair to assume this is headed up :arrow_up: in evening hours (after bar closes) and not on the way down :arrow_down: to breakfast?

As Hiltons go: bars and elevators :+1:t2::+1:t2::woozy_face: especially in St Petersburg (aside: if you are ever in a Hilton lounge LONG after close, and the nicest single father you ever met starts crying and admits to a war crime: just sit quietly, keep refilling his drink, and make sure he gets back to his room and doesn’t pass out in the lounge).

I think HGIs in College Towns should just start advertising it’s “where to stay on a Tue or Wed night” - otherwise why abide stale mini muffins in the morning?

Oh and w/r/t Embassy Suites: if you walk past a room and the front curtain is open into the hallway, no matter what you might catch a glimpse off, eyes forward and keep walking. Do not make eye contact. :see_no_evil:

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Someone has traveled and seen too much.

Why it is such a big deal to not have VW give you a dealer payoff? With Carvana I waited for them to get it from VW and then saw it while uploading docs in their cloud. No obligation to finalize the deal so if you don’t like the payoff you can just move on.