VW Lease Buy Out


Went to buy out my VW eGolf lease. Never had a lease before but the dealership would not let me buy it out unless i paid $800 for additional warranty/inspection.

Understand the dealerships time is worth something although is this standard practice across the industry that VW Credit will not finance it directly only through the dealership. Enabling the dealership to force a second transaction on you that you dont want.

Never ever expected this.

Can’t you just go on to your vw financial account and buy it out there? You typically can in CA. If you involve a dealer that doesn’t need to be involved, don’t be surprised when they try to get paid to be involved.

Only plan on keeping the eGolf for 6 to 8 months. Was going to finance it to give another her another payment on my wifes credit file. My truck payment also doesnt have her on the loan; had to fly to pick it up and they wouldnt take the id remotely even with a power of attorney and a notarized document at the time.

Was going to just take a small payment and close it off before the next vechicle in 6 months.

The VW site lets you create a payoff quote to pay off the entire thing. All i wanted was a quick loan.

Not sure if this is new because this is the first year that lease buyout are worth more and they are trying to inject into the process to reclaim a portion of the equity; or make people not trade them off to get the vechicles equity back. I honestly expected a $300 document fee; never thought they would force you to buy something else to even put in an application for a loan.

Bob Baker VW never ever ever!

You can finance the buyout thru a bank or credit union

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I finance my lease 2018 GTI through a credit union. I got the payoff letter from online account and Credit Union send them a certified check overnight. No question asked .
Not sure why you want to involve a dealership. Ofcourse they will try to make money on this transaction like they selling you a new car.