VW Jetta GLI Deal Analysis

Since GTI’s are difficult to get a great lease deal on I decided to move on to the GLI since it has the same residual but with a much better MF and discounts. Here’s what I was offered on a 3 year 12k miles/yr.

MSRP- 30,215
Discounted Price- 26,115
Loyalty Bonus- -1000
License/Doc Fee- 407
Acquisition- 625
MF- .0002
Residual- 59%
Tax- 9.25%

Drive off- Zero
35 payments of 264.62

I guess this is a decent deal but I feel like it leaves money on the table. I can qualify for VW’s Partner Program which is good for $500 below invoice “combinable with all current available offers and incentives” according to the VW website but dealers seem to think that it doesn’t apply since their price is already farther discounted farther than 500 below invoice. Also, according to the VW pricing sheet that was posted in this forum earlier it looks like there’s a 1250 VW Credit to dealer bonus available on Jetta GLI’s. If I could stack those on top of the current deal I could get to around 200 I think. The dealers I’ve heard back from disagree with my logic and so the 264 is the best I’ve got so far. At ~200/month I’d be jumping on the deal but at 264 I’m underwhelmed since the GLI is a compromise in the first place.

You’re effectively at ~235 before tax on a fairly desirable car with few natural competitors. That’s not bad, I say.

With such a low MF (and I don’t know if VWFS offers MSDs), there’s not much potential for savings other than on the selling price (inclusive or exclusive of the VW rebate). Offer them all $25K as a selling price (let them technically keep the rebate but pass on the savings to you). Anything below 26,115 is a saving for you.

Thanks, Max. I stopped by for a test drive today and found out the car has about 750 miles on it and is an employee demo. I’m not sure what that should do to the price.

I don’t think there are any absolute answers, it’s all relative. What would a equivalent brand new GLI go for in your neck of the woods?

When you see what the delta is, you can decide which one is for you…

I found a few other dealerships offering $4k off sticker on these - even found one with $5k. The discount doesn’t seem super impressive, but pretty solid.

I’m looking at the Jetta for my Wife because she demands a manual transmission and this is one of the few options that you can row your own gears and get leather, heated seats and a sunroof (besides a BMW - but, the 3 series isn’t big enough). The Jetta isn’t an amazing vehicle - but, it offers options very few others do.

2017 Accord Sport Special Edition?

I couldn’t get her into a Honda if it were free. But - very good suggestion.

In DC area: $6,800 off ($6,000 with freight included)

Damn, that’s pretty good. Mind sharing which dealership you found those at? I gave up after 8 dealerships on google maps.

Like timeowner said, 4k seems to be the norm for discounts while a dealer 250 miles away is offering 5k off. There are only 4 available within 250 miles of Seattle when I do an online search.

Sure: http://www.stohlman-vw.com/. If you want, ask for Trent Norris (sales manager).

Thanks Ursus - if I reach out, I’ll contact Trent.

I notice that Stohlman’s price assumes that the $1000 VW Loyalty cash is included in their posted discount and their “processing fee” is $599 and it seems like most dealers include the freight charge in their online price usually. So, if we consider a normal document/processing fee of $150 at another dealer then their discount is really about $4551. Does that sound right?

After I pulled up the dealership, I saw the fine print and have to agree Mike. Although, I’m not sure about the freight - the MSRP listed is right around the price you have for an automatic - not sure how they tack on another $1k.

All the DC area VA dealers do a processing fee that high, so just bake it into your selling price calculation.

I dealt with Stohlman on a Subaru recently and they were really great, so maybe their VW folks are good too? That said, VW dealers are usually scumbags no matter what, but still, it might be worth going at them and asking them to beat your deal.

$599 dealer fee is standard in VA. You can get $300 off sale price by playing them against MD dealers who charge $299 (I did this with Stohlman Subaru). Yes, they play games with the freight. MSRP shown includes it, but sales price doesn’t. Other VW dealers in the area do the same thing. Keep in mind that this is their “internet” price and you, most likely, will be able to negotiate higher discount.

Who was your salesperson at Subaru?

Doug Loweth, at Sterling Subaru.

OK, I went to Tysons.