VW GTI lease $194

First time leasing and this forum has been great. I got an offer and they won’t send me the spec sheet so hopefully with the numbers below you can tell me if its a good deal

MSRP: $27,835
Sale Price:$19,385
Out of Pocket: $3,100 + 1st Payment

Monthly: $194


Term/Miles? $3,300 is a lot to put down. Assuming ~$600 + payment are standard lease inception fees, you’re putting $2,500 down. In reality your payment is about $270 per month (adding the $2,500 down and assuming a 36 month lease). If the dealer won’t show you the spec sheet, that would be a pretty big red flag to me. Good luck with your search - those new GTIs look really nice.

You’ve not provided the necessary information to evaluate this deal. Please provide term, Residual, MF, any applicable rebates/incentives, and a break down of all fees including taxes.

Is the sales price correct? That looks way too low and numbers don’t match up with that sales price.

Its probably the adjusted capital cost with the ccr.

If they won’t give you a breakdown of the deal or the car it’s time to move on.

No spec sheet, nothing in writing = no deal!

You’re setting yourself up for a world of pain :slight_smile: