VW Golf R - Hypothetical Question

Hi Hackers!

Got something I’ve been mulling over and would like some thoughts.

Been wanting a VW Golf R for a while, but my understanding is that both Rs and GTIs don’t lease especially well. I heard, although not sure if this is true, that sometimes there are better lease deals at the end of a model’s run as the dealers are looking to get rid on the old model. Keeping all that in mind, reports are that VW is discontinuing the mk7.5 Golf R this year and the new one will being coming out in 2022.

My question to everyone here is, could the discontinuation make dealers more willing to deal on 2019 Golf Rs?

Any insight is very much appreciated!

Yes, dealers may discount them more, but they will still be bad leases.

DO you think the residual will be affected by it being discontinued?

Who knows? No point in hypotheticals.