VW early lease termination

I turned in my ‘15 GTI this week in anticipation of the 430i that I’ll be assuming in the next few days. The maturity date of the lease is August 1, with 1 payment remaining. I was expecting to pay the last monthly and the disposition fee as soon as they send me the invoice as there is no excess mileage/wear and use.

However, I just received the “only 90 days remaining” pamflet from VW, which states that early lease turn in is limited to 30 days prior to maturity date, not 90 days. I’ve read online and was told by one of VW’s end of lease associates that I should be fine turning in the GTI as long as it’s within 90 days of the maturity date… I’ve found older VW pamflets online that mention the 90 days instead of 30.

Has anyone dealt with VW early turn ins?

You will be billed by VW.

Billed for? As I already mentioned- I expect to get a bill for the last remaining monthly payment and disposition fee- NOT any early termination fees.

I just spoke with a VW dealer associate and they also said I should not be billed any early termination fees since it’s within 90 days.

Here’s the discrepancy:


There should not be an early termination fee. Final payment, disposition, miles and wear and tear charges.

Wait, so if you have 12 months remaining and you decide to pay the 12 months up front and return the car, there are early termination fees? Aren’t you fulfilling your obligations by paying the full balance of remaining payments?

From VW corporate: You may turn in your vehicle up to 90 days before your maturity date without any early termination fees or penalties. However, you are still responsible for the remaining payments, taxes, excess mileage, damages, and a disposition fee

I turned in a Cc a few years ago like a year sooner. All I did was pay the remaining payments and disposition fee if I remember correctly.