VW Credit - Options to exit pain - suggestions?

Hey Hackrs,
Trying to exit a 2019 VW ATLAS SEL 4Motion, 11250 miles, 27 payments left / 12,000 miles per year. My payout is $37,900 and found a dealer offering $36,400 - so its pretty close , but when the dealer asked VW Credit for the payout they jacked it up by another $2K! what the hell? Is that normal?

I thought about swappalease but my name would still be on the contract and I want to exit that. Any thoughts apart from going to the bank and getting a loan? Private sale?

Yes, very normal for VW.


Yes VW / Audi / Porsche have a third-party buyout that is different than the payoff you are offered. You have to call and ask for the third party payoff.

That VW dealer should know that. $3500 upside-down :upside_down_face::money_with_wings: doesn’t sound crazy to me, unless you paid upfronts and possibly money down.

Thank you, it wasn’t via a VW Dealer but a private dealer. I have put $3500 down.

And it sounds like (if my math is right) you need another $3500 to get out of this atlas — $97/mo plus rent added to your next 36 month lease.

I can help you . Call me At 424-281-5606


Oohh nice. Leasing is a community affair :hugs:

Thanks I’ll call tomorrow