VW Credit Lease Assumption? Tied to it still?

So we are looking to have someone take over our lease but according to VW credit the original lessee is responsible if they miss a payment or total the vehicle. Im confused about this. Is there anyway to sign another document so we will not be responsible? What if the new lessee pays the remaining 32 payments up front? Any feedback will be appreciated.

Audi is the same way. Your obligated if the person that takes over defaults, or if they have war and tear at lease end and do not pay. I do not think it is worth it unless you know and trust the person taking over. I would not trust a stranger with my credit rating.

To the best of my knowledge, it’s a No. Nissan / Infiniti leasing always keeps the original owner responsible as well.

Not with VW, they keep the original owner on the hook in case the new owner bolts.
the only way to get you off the hook is to buy the car outright.

Especially since a VW owner is typically not a high income earner

Now you have to contend with the MASSIVE liability of co-leasing with an absolute stranger.
What if they drop insurance?
What if they crash the car in a lake and abandon it?
What if they stop making payments?
What if they sell the car to a chop shop or steal it?
What if they beat the shit out of the car and put 2,000 miles a month, turn it in and refuse to pay the overages?
All these things you need to consider when you’re trying to “save” what you’re paying now.