VW Atlas cross sport SE 4 motion

Hello All,

I wanted to get your input on the following deal and if i’m doing this correctly?

So far I found the RV / MF / and incentives on edmunds as the following:

2020 Atlas Cross Sport SE technology 4motion
MF: .00064
RV: 62% / 55% based on 24/36 months, 12K
$1750 incentives

I have called / emailed a few dealerships; but most just don’t have time to get back to me. Unless I show up at their dealership, and say i’lll buy today.

One dealership gave me the following quote (12/36):
MSRP: $39,524
432+tax with 1900 down

My attempt at putting the number into the calculator :

Lease 36 months

Lease 24 months

For some reason I thought the higher RV would be better but it is offset by the lower months. So 36 month is the way to go. If I did it correctly the discount is nothing at this point. They are banking on the manufacture to dealer incentive to move this unit. My goal is 12% off minimum. Is that realistic? I have seen a few broker list with 14% off. Which i’m guessing includes the manufacture incentives.

Thank you in advance for your input.

Good luck with 12%, 10% even during non Rona times can be a grind. This thing is still fairly new too, the VW’s haven’t been leasing as well as in the in past, another factor to consider

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You speak with @rubbergash?

Yeah I noticed VW doesn’t lease well as it used to. I used to get great lease on my golf and tiguan. Maybe VW should be purchased only at this point. Thank you for the input.

Not yet, as i’m in my preliminary research. I did see his worksheet which shows 14% off. I’m guessing the $1750 is baked into it to be 14% off. So I did remove it and put it into untaxed rebates. Which bought it down to roughly 9% off form dealer discount.

However, I can’t seem to match it exact to his worksheet. Which show $979 on drive off. On my lease calculator it shows as a down only and the drive off at $1987. So maybe it is only a down and the drive off at $1987? Or I’m missing something; I just don’t fully understand yet.

Lease Cal

So trying again this month. As VW has this 0 sign and drive. I contacted every dealership in SoCal in 100miles radius. I’m still waiting for them all to get back to me. Some dealer don’t like me bidding with other dealers and refuse to give me a price.

I check edmunds on the new terms:
MF .00140 with RV: 58% MF to dealer$1750 incentive

This is one example I got back from a dealer:

Based on 36 months 12k miles a year tier one credit:

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SE 4motion
Market Value Selling Price 37,634.00
Discount 3,700.00
Rebate 476.00
Doc Fee 85.00
Tax 53.30
Tire Fee 8.75
Vehicle License Fee 221.00
Registration Fee 60.00
CHP Fee 27.00
Plate Fee 1.00
DMV Electonic Fee 30.00
Acquisition Fee 699.00
County Fee 11.00
Smog Abatement 20.00
CA TIF 107.00
balance: 34,781.05

So trying to put this into the calculator, my guess is the discount ($3700) has the rebate baked in? But then I’m not sure why they have a separate row for the rebate of 476? @824 would appreciate you input on this? So what im going to do is add the dealer discount and rebate -minus (the real rebate from edmunds) to get my discount.

If that is correct method. This should be it?

However on the dealer payment he has 0 down and 477month with tax and all.

So i’m doing something wrong here. It seems like the deals have gotten worse then before.

You are. To start with, you don’t have the msrp correct or the sales price. Or the RV. Or the MF. Or the incentives. Or the fees.

Did you copy and paste the wrong calculator?

Ahh, I copied the wrong link. My fault.

here is the correct one:

I will also update the other link. Sorry about this.

Where are you getting $1750 in untaxed incentives from? It’s included in the edmunds number, but not their deal.

Straight form Edmunds forum:
MF .00140 with RV: 58% MF to dealer$1750 incentive

Link from Edmunds rate

So their deal sheet isn’t showing that, which means they’re rolled into their selling price.

So of the $3700 discount they’re showing, $1750 of it is the incentive, means your selling price should be $35684

Your incentives would then be $1750 in untaxed and $476 in taxed incentives for the rebate. The $476 rebate is the first month payment waiver as part of the sign and drive.

Ok some how you got the right payment calculator link.

However, as you said the price should be $35684. But on your link you have 35208 which what I left previously. Also noticed the aquitiion fee is 699 from the dealer quote but typically is 675 from what I read previously unless they increased it.

So if i update it with the 35684 price it doesn’t match up. But if I leave it where you have it at 35208 it works.

updated calculator link

strange right?

Ok so This is the lowest I have gotten.

Should I do it?

SE 4motion Calc