Vroom & Carvana Lagging to Send Paperwork

It has been over a week since my vehicle info was submitted and evaluated with offers by Vroom and Carvana, still no contract received even though both said it will be emailed. Standard canned message when I try to contact them. I am planning to lease new car this weekend, should I wait until my car is purchased by one of them or pull the trigger on new lease anyway.

Anyone else experience this, and how long did it take to sell?

Vroom took too long for me so I called ALGO and they picked up the car by the time vroom sent the contract.
Do a quote with algo and then call them if the quote is lower than vroom.


In CA, you have a lot of other choices too.

Shift is local and can be done in person (Whittier). CarMax. AutoNation. Edmunds, KBB Insta, etc.

If you end up going with Shift- if you use that referral code, $100 Amazon Gift card to you (and me).

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How many red flags need to be waved here? Move on to other buyers.


Algo not in California yet. I’ll check Shift. Thanks.

Try Car Trackers: (714) 699-9899. Sold a leased Macan to them in March 2021. PFS closed my account within one week of signing the bill of sale. Seamless transaction…

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That’s great, I just submitted my info to Car Trackers. Shift was looking good and I had an appointment which they missed, they have not responded yet.

I am genuinely surprised. My experience with Car Trackers was positive - far better than I hoped or could have imagined. Like I said, it was completely seamless. I am about to sell my mother’s leased 2018 Sport Edition. I plan to schedule an appointment with Car Trackers this week. I will follow up and let you know how it goes. Very sorry you have had a negative experience.

When there is time pressure, I make an appt at Shift and go to them so that I’m not waiting around.

You get $300 bonus if you sell to them same time as appraisal.

I was actually pleasantly surprised with this one and had no idea it was an option or that they would be competitive. They gave me a higher offer than Shift, Carvana, and CarMax, but lower than Vroom. So far Vroom has been the highest both in terms of offer and headache.

In my case I called them and showed them the Vroom offer and they were able to beat it

I tried that, but no go. My Vroom offer is just ridiculous, but the headache that comes with it is almost not worth the hassle. I don’t want to deal with delayed payments to the lender, myself, etc. So I may just go with the Auto Nation offer.

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Once again, great experience with Car Trackers. Sold my mom’s 2018 Sport Edition for $46,500. Car Trackers’ offer was between $100 and $6400 higher than other used car dealers (assume the usual suspects…CarMax, Enterprise, Vroom, etc.). High recommended!! Love this company.

I sold it to Car Trackers. We negotiated over the phone with similar price to other sites and they wired the difference to my bank account the same day, picked up my car a few days later.

If you are in SoCal, I would recommend them.


I received a quote from vroom to pay me 21900 for my car. My buyout was 20200. I received an email stating to pay them 8400 for the negative equity. Why would anyone do that .

No one would do that. Your lessor ( Audi or VW? ) has a contract to sell it to you for 20,200. If anyone other than you buys it, then it is subject to a “Market Value” adjustment.

Plenty of threads on here about this exact situation.

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Your lessor didn’t charge you a “market value” adjustment? Also, now what are you going to do for a car…since cars more now expensive/supply issues?

How are others not needing to pay this–and stating they’re making thousands of dollars in these leasing pre-return transactions?

It all depends on the lessor or the captive bank and their respective policy regarding 3rd party buyouts. Currently Audi / VW & I believe Volvo, are the ones people are really running into an issue with as they allow you to buy the car at the contracted buy-out price. Lately also reported that Infiniti and Nissan do not allow it all. They do not allow a 3rd party such as a dealer or your friend to buy it without a market adjustment.

In order to get around this some people are purchasing the car, paying the taxes, then flipping to Carvana, Vroom, etc…once they receive the title. In CA ( and only CA), their is a 10 day grace period which people are utilizing to conduct the transaction w/o paying taxes on it.

We have quite a few threads on LH of these transactions as I am sure you are aware, just do a quick search for:

Sold one to Carvana
Sold one to Vroom
Sold one to Carmax

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Go for the deal, not the car. Whether it’s a loaner X1, 3-series, Hyundai, … if you’re not too picky or you don’t need a car and can ride it out, then ride it out.

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